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Information about The Cambrian

Published between 1880 and 1919, The Cambrian is a magazine that contains a wealth of knowledge about the Welsh people in America and their history. This website, by a range of navigation options, aims to make this information easily available to a range of users, as well as browse all of The Cambrian's content freely.

This website gives special reference to the state of Ohio, due to the connection with the Wales-Ohio Project and its sponsors, Evan and Elizabeth Davies.


This site is best viewed with Firefox 3 or Internet Explorer 7 and at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768.

The Cambrian's original text was read and reproduced by OCR, and partially corrected by Project workers. While a very high percentage of the searchable text is correct, some errors will remain.

Navigating the site

Each page has been designed to enable the user to be one or two clicks away from the main sections of the site, and only a few clicks away from viewing various types of articles in The Cambrian.

Click on the main horizontal navigation bar to reach each of the website's main departments.

A sub-navigation bar appears on specific pages, where it can be used to select different types of articles relevant to the users location on the website.

By clicking on the map of the mainland United States on the Home page, users can browse or search The Cambrian's content by its geographical relevance to individual states. Each state on the map acts as a link to that state's corresponding page. The States tab on the main horizontal navigation bar offers a text-link alternative to this map.

In the Ohio Section, the map of Ohio acts as a means of browsing or searching The Cambrian's content by its geographical relevance to individual counties in Ohio. Each county on the map acts as a link to that county's corresponding page on the website. The drop down list on the bottom left of all the website's pages offers a text alternative to this map.

Some states and counties' pages will inevitably have a larger proportion of relevant articles than others.

Users can browse through all pages in The Cambrian (for example using the Volumes tab on the main horizontal navigation bar) as well as browse lists of different types of articles in the sub-navigation bar.

Many of these browsing pages also contain an optional search box to search all material relevant to that section of the website. It is also possible to use the Search tab on the main horizontal navigation bar to make more detailed and constrained searches into the text of The Cambrian.

Zoomify Help

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